Grenland – made up of the municipalities of Bamble, Drangedal, Kragerø, Porsgrunn, Siljan and Skien – is a region that is a great place both to live and work. With more than 120,000 residents, Grenland represents the largest population concentration between Oslo and Kristiansand.

Grenland offers an urban lifestyle, with great shopping and good cultural facilities. Yet with forests, mountains and fjords on the doorstep, it is rural at the same time. Just a short distance lies between beautiful coastal areas and great ski trails. Beaches and sun-warmed rocks are accessible to all – you don’t need your own boat. You can paddle a canoe for days on peaceful inland lakes and enjoy long cross-country ski trips in unspoiled landscapes. You can take part in an active cultural and sporting life, perhaps in a theatre group or sports association.

Whether you want to live in the country, on the coast or in a town, Grenland offers a wealth of housing options – and at reasonable prices! The stock of both single-unit dwellings and flats has been steadily added to here in recent years. Single-unit dwellings remain popular, but if you’re looking for other styles of housing with similar attributes, you’ll find that here too. And if you want to build your own home, new housing developments continue to spring up at several places in the region.

The region has a well-developed municipal school system and full day-nursery coverage. Porsgrunn is also home to an international school offering the International Baccalaureate programme that is open to students from both the local area and all over the world. The University of South-Eastern Norway, based at Campus Kjølnes in Porsgrunn, offers many exciting courses from nursing to engineering. Vocational training is highly respected in Grenland, and there are well-developed schemes for those wishing to undertake an apprenticeship.

Wherever you want to live or work in Grenland, nothing is ever far away. And travelling around the region is easy too. There are few queues, plus there is good provision for cycling in many places. There is also a good public transport system between the different towns. With short distances and little need for long commutes, you can save valuable time to spend on enjoying life instead!

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