Welcome to Grenland, a region with a long industrial history which aims to become the world’s first climate-positive industrial region. Grenland has a diverse business community. There is good access to a wide range of expertise and business areas. Vekst i Grenland IKS assists entrepreneurs and businesses to establish and develop their business. In Grenland, there is room for success and space to live!

Vekst i Grenland IKS is a regional business development agency, owned by the six municipalities of Grenland, placed in the southern part of Telemark, Norway. We support entrepreneurs and companies to establish and develop business in the region.

We provide different services. One of them is Startopp Grenland, which offers guidance, courses and office space to entrepreneurs. We manage Grenland Business Fund, which offers loans and grants to eligible companies. Through Invest in Grenland, we help businesses and investors who want to relocate to or set up new operations in Grenland. We also identify new business opportunities together with local and external companies.

We are involved in a wide range of projects. Collaboration is a guiding principle for all our activities and work. This English web page reviewes only our Invest-in work and not other parts of our activities.